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Please contact the hotel directly for inquiries about accommodations, including rates.

Type Name Address Category
Hotel Mino Tourist Hotel 333-1 Matsumori, Mino-shi food/hotel
Mino Ryoku Fuso Inn 3946 Minato-machi, Mino-shi food/hotel
Japanese Inn Izumi Inn 31-5 Atage, Mino-shi food/inn
Okasen 2190-1 Uoya-machi, Mino-shi food/inn
Kajikaso Inn 3946 Minato-machi, Mino-shi food/inn
Tamamotoya 2646-2 Komeya-cho, Mino-shi food/inn
Hatsunoya 1985-1 Nagashige-cho, Mino-shi food/inn
Higahora Ancient Traditional Inn and Café 3808 Higahora, Mino-shi cafe/inn
Yumotokan 520-2 Tachibana, Mino-shi food/inn
Mikawaya 545 Sodai, Mino-shi food/inn
Guesthouse Guest House Warabi 964 Warabi, Mino-shi Guesthouse