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Experience majestic nature and 1,300 years of time-honored culture

Try your hand at pressing exquisite washi to create your very own Mino washi items. Courses range in difficulty from beginner to expert. Recently, Mino has also gained attention for being a great outdoor sports spot, boasting bouldering, trekking, and golf facilities that make the most of the varied natural terrain.

Paper Pressing

Experience the paper pressing process at Mino-Washi Museum workshops, which use authentic tools and natural materials. The small paper vats mean that children can take part in the experience, too.

Course Information

* Contact the Museum for details.
* A separate admission fee is required for all courses.

Course Title Time Required Fee  
Mino Seal Course Approximately 20 minutes 500 yen  
Drainage Course Approximately 30 minutes 500 yen  
Lighting/Screen Course Call for more information. Call for more information.  
Postcard Course 40 minutes 500 yen  
Diploma Course Call for more information 700 yen  
Paper Press Craft Challenge – 1-hr. Course 1 hour 800 yen * Reservation required
Paper Press Craft Challenge – 1-day Course 10:00am – 3:00pm
on weekdays
3,000 yen * Reservation required


Rent a Bicycle for a Sightseeing Tour

Enjoy a relaxing cycling tour that you can only get in Mino, where mountains encircle the area and the Nagara River runs through the heart of the city. Rental stations can be found at Michi-no-Eki Mino Niwaka Tea House, Banya (Mino Tourist Association), and Japanese Paper Land: Waku-Waku Farm Creation Center (next to the Mino-Washi Museum).

Michi-no-Eki Mino Niwaka Tea House
Banya (Mino Tourist Association)
Mino-Washi Museum


Conquer a Kaleidoscope of Rock Faces

“Bouldering” is a type of rock climbing in which climbers scale boulders using only their hands and feet — no ropes. Fukubegatake, with its many climbing-friendly surfaces, has become a popular destination for enthusiasts. Events are also held during the summer.



Take Your Time Hiking These Gentle Mountains

The Mino area is full of small-scale mountains that can be climbed in a day, including Mt. Matsukura (316.3 m), Mt. Kojo (437.1 m), Mt. Tanjo (502 m), and Mt. Tenno (537.8 m), making it a great place for hikers. The tallest mountain in the city is Fukubegatake, which reaches an elevation of 1,163 m.



A Dramatic, Nature-Filled Course

With a dynamic front nine blessed with many splendid views and a back nine that showcases the varied expressions of nature, this course — complete with ponds, bunkers, and woods — is a treat for golfers with a refined strategic game.

Gifu Mino Golf Club


Take a Dynamic, Exhilarating Ride Down the Nagara

Torrents and pools, rapids and depths — this rafting experience brings out all of the twists, turns, and tempo changes of the Nagara River, coupled with its stunning natural beauty. Kayaking is another recommended option.

Nagara River Rafting Spirit