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Old Uchi School

A School Displaying a Fine Design from the Meiji Period

A “Shineigi” School was established at Seitai Temple in the 6th year of the Meiji Period and was renamed the Uchji School in the 9th year of the Meiij Period. This school building was newly built at the time of its renaming, and stood where the Mino City Library currently stands. The front entrance on the south side, which is the current location of the Sasano Residence, is government property sold by the government to the same family. Apart from one section, the remains of the old building, a Western design decorating a pillar on part of the first floor, and interesting fine designs are present.
This precious heritage site representing the history of our education system has been preserved and restored.

City-designated Important Cultural Property

Address Izumi-cho, Mino-shi
Tel +81-575-33-1122 (Industry Promotion Section, Tourism Section, City of Mino)

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