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Festivals and Events

Waves of Enthusiasm Ring in the Changes of the Seasons

As dolls are displayed in the homes on the udatsu-lined old streets and the valiant, graceful Mino Festival kicks off, spring comes to Mino. The area's numerous events, including activities that embrace the traditions of washi and celebrations of the city's natural assets, showcase the enthusiasm and hospitality of the local residents.

Festivals and Arts

Mino Festival

This celebration is a Hachiman Shrine festival made up of three main elements: the “flower mikoshi (portable shrine),” “parade floats,” and “Nagashi Niwaka (impromptu skits).” Held every second weekend of April, the Mino Festival always brings a unique air of excitement to the town.
Second Saturday (and following Sunday) of April (Udatsu-lined Old Streets)
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Flower Mikoshi

This tradition began during the Edo Period, when various communities created structures to be hoisted and carried around by young men for rain-making rituals. The current form of the flower mikoshi, created at the beginning of the Showa Period, has approximately 300 “shinai” decorated with flowers made of Mino washi.

Parade Floats

This procession features six floats (a Prefecturally-selected Tangible Folk Cultural Property) from each town community and nine types of festival cars — mechanized stands that were created during the Edo Period. One of the floats — a ship float — is over 300 years old, making it quite a rarity in Japan. Festival cars carry people dressed as Momotaro, Urashima Taro, Hanasaka Jiisan, and other famous characters.

Oyada Hinkoko Mino Nagashi Niwaka Udatsu Area Dolls
Udatsu Area May Festival Nagara River Carp Streamers Refreshing Sound Walk
Oyada Maple Valley Cherry Blossom Festival Paper Mulberry Kanzarashi


Modern-Day Events Born in the Town of Tradition

Doll displays and traditional festivals in the spring, a lively international cycling race in the summer, an elegant light art exhibition in the fall — the udatsu-lined old streets always have surprises in store for visitors.

Mino-washi “Akari” Exhibition

For two days in the middle of October, the udatsu-lined old streets transform into a fantastic world full of delicate washi paper light art.

Tour of Japan — Mino Stage

For one day in the bright early summer, Mino plays host to a heated cycling race with famous competitors from around the globe. There is also a division open to all cyclists.

Mino City Chunichi Fireworks Display