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Flower Mikoshi

Mino Springs to Festival Life on the Second Weekend of April

Over a span of two days, the Mino Festival holds its three main attractions: the “flower mikoshi (portable shrine)” on Saturday, “parade floats” on Sunday, and “Nagashi Niwaka (impromptu skits)” in the evenings of both days.
This tradition began during the Edo Period, when various communities created structures to be hoisted and carried around by young men for rain-making rituals, and the “flower mikoshi” appeared at the celebration in 1900.
In the early years of the Showa Period, the youth association arranged to make the portable shrine more Mino-esque by placing approximately 300 “shinai,” decorated with flowers made of Mino washi, on the top of the shrine. Thus, the present-day “flower mikoshi” was born.
When all of the town's 30 or so “flower mikoshi” are paraded about town, one can almost see cherry blossom flowers falling and dancing around in the air.
Sunday is also the day of the “Hinkoko Festival” at the Oyada Shrine and the “Cherry Blossom Festival (late March to early May)” at Ogura Park.

City-designated Intangible Folk Cultural Property

Date Second Saturday (and following Sunday) of April
Site Hachiman Shrine, Udatsu-lined Old Streets
Tel +81-575-33-1122
(Industry Promotion Section, Tourism Section, City of Mino)


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