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Oyada Hinkoko

On the day of the Oyada Shrine Festival, a puppet show takes place on the hillside of a small mountain with a resting place for a traveling shrine. The main character of the show is a scarecrow-like marionette, complete with a face drawn on a paper-covered basket and clothing. As flutes, drums, and small gongs play a simple melody, puppets act out the tale of Susano-o and the Dragon's Tail. At the same time, on a slightly higher platform, string puppets are used to tell the story of Inada-Hime's Battle.
This “Hinkoko” is a unique puppet performance that is carried out in the same centuries-old format every year, making it a culturally valuable religious celebration.
In the spring, a children's parade and festival drum performance followed by “Hinkoko” are held.

Nationally-selected Intangible Folk Cultural Property

Date Spring: Second Saturday (and following Sunday) of April
Fall: November 23
Site Oyada Shrine
Tel +81-575-33-1122
(Industry Promotion Section, Tourism Section, City of Mino)


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