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Food and Souvenirs

Delicacies and Collector's Items that Draw Out the Mino Flavor

Mino, a mountain community on the banks of the Nagara River, boasts cuisine that uses the blessings of the soil and the riches of the river, Japanese paper products that distill over 1,300 years of traditional culture, and troves of other unique treasures. The city is also home to many eateries, cafés, and even galleries that capture the beauty of traditional folk dwelling architecture. When in Mino, make sure to enjoy all of these delicacies, items that you can only find in a community that traces its history all the way back to the Edo Period.



As part of the commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Kanamori Nagachika's community-building efforts, the “Kanamori Nagachika Imperial Estate" dish was created to treat visitors to delicious cuisine that can only be found in Mino. The dish features locally-produced freshwater trout, lichens, Okumino Kojidori (a type of chicken), and tofu.

Wild Boar Nabe

In this dish, wild boar caught in the mountains around Mino is prepared in miso. Enjoy the wild boar meat, which has a gentle smell and soft texture, together with several types of vegetables.

Freshwater Trout Cuisine

Get your fill of the tastes and aromas of freshwater trout raised in the pure waters of the Nagara River. Eel and freshwater fish dishes are also local favorites.

Persimmon Jam

This natural, handmade jam, made from Sodai's famous Fuyu-Gaki persimmons, is prepared by local persimmon farming women all year round. Other persimmon items, including persimmon sherbet, persimmon paste, and dried Fuyu-Gaki persimmons, are on sale at tourism offices and other locations.

Local Sake

The area's cold-winter basin climate and the renowned pure waters of the Nagara River make Mino the perfect environment for brewing — and that's why there are many local sake varieties to choose from.
The “Hyaku-Shun" brewery building, situated on the udatsu-lined old streets, is famous for its udatsu architecture, mukuri roof, and sturdy frame that harken back to the brewery scenes of the Edo Period. The building has also been designated as Nationally-designated Important Cultural Property.


Washi Products

Mino is famous for a wide variety of washi, from hand-pressed items to machine-pressed products, as well as artwork and accessories that harness its unique characteristics. Light art using washi, for instance, is a great addition to Japanese-style rooms and Western rooms as well. Original oil-blotting paper made from washi ingredients is another popular product among both women and men.

Souvenir Sale Center

Mino souvenirs are sold at various retail outlets as well as at Michikusa-Kan and Michi-no-Eki Niwaka Tea House.

Michikusa-Kan Local Product Market
Michi-no-Eki Mino Niwaka Tea House
Banya (Mino Tourist Association)


Name Address Tel Category
Akadama 2632 Hirooka-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0681 Café/Food
Asadaya – Mukuri Roof Japanese Cuisine 2263-3 Tokiwa-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0078 Food
Abeille. S 2248 Aioi-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-31-0220 Café/Cakes
Ikushiya 2663-2 Komeya-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-1948 Café/Sweets
Izumiso Inn 31-5 Atage, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0426 Food/Japanese-style inn
Imahiro Liquor Store 2209 Aioi-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0018 Alcohol
Kawaizumi – Unagi (Eel) 168-1 Yokogoe, Mino-shi +81-575-35-0776 Food
Uokatsu 931-1 Tachibana, Mino-shi +81-575-33-2015 Food
Umezushi 2133-1 Tawara-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0310 Food
Okamoto 2162 Tawara-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0887 Café/Food
Ogawaya 2115-2-2 Tawara-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0029 Japanese Sweets
Tonbo – Okonomiyaki 1417-2 Ikushi, Mino-shi +81-575-33-4352 Food
Ozeya 2170 Tawara-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0361 Food
Kajikaso Inn 3946 Minato-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-33-1145 Food/Japanese-style inn
Koraiya – Hand-Kneaded Soba 1961-1 Kajiya-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-35-3800 Food
Koguromido 2300 Tokiwa-cho, Mino-shi +81-120-5963-69 Café/Antiques
Kosaka Brewery 2267 Aioi-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0013 Alcohol
Niku no Kiraku 2147 Tawara-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-33-1258 Croquettes
Gujo-ya 2631-5 Hirooka-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0238 Food
Kogetsu 2183 Uoya-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0432 Food
Kosen 5-43 Shoen-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-35-3237 Food
Kotobuki 3946 Izumi-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-35-2270 Seasonal Goods
Konohana-tei 2476-3 Tokiwa-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0350 Japanese Sweets
Goma-ya 1892-1 Izumi-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-35-3801 Food
Sakae 48-2 Tono-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0538 Café
Sarashina 2642-16 Komeya-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0247 Food
Sansui Honten 1902-2 Motozumi-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0358 Food
Jidaiken Kaho 2192 Uoya-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0101 Japanese Sweets
See You Café 2296 Tokiwa-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-31-2023 Café
Jingoro Sushi 2486-1 Aioi-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-35-0638 Food
Sinsyuya 2027-4 Kajiya-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0300 Japanese Sweets
Jinya – Yakiniku 2644-1 Komeya-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-35-2100 Food
Tatsumi-ya 2995-2 Higashiichiba-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0822 Food
Tomiya Tea House 1887 Izumi-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-4827 Café
Tomiya Sweets 47-8 Motozumi-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0217 Japanese Sweets
Tora-ya 2599-1 Hirooka-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-2554 Japanese Sweets
Nakauchi-ya Sweets 2634 Komeya-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0715 Japanese Sweets
Hatsuno-ya 1958-1 Nagashige-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-35-0285 Food
Hana Ikada 883-1 Aza-Nohata, Maeno, Mino-shi +81-575-35-0151 Food
Hamatatsu 619-1 Oyada, Mino-shi +81-575-33-3931 Food
Café Piero 2459-1 Tokiwa-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-35-2397 Café
Higahora – Folk Dwelling Inn and Café 3808 Higahora, Mino-shi +81-575-35-0250 Café/Japanese-style inn
Hit Food Yukimi 2075 Warabi, Mino-shi +81-575-34-8276 Food
Hyoroku-en 329-5 Kataji, Mino-shi +81-575-34-0647 Food
Falar Yamataka 2124 Tawara-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0074 Bread/Sweets
Futami-ya Shokudo 2559 Hirooka-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0377 Food
Furaipan – Western Food 701-3 Ikushi, Mino-shi +81-575-35-2808 Food
Furusato 2762-18 Chiune-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-35-0298 Food
Punto Mino 27-6 Maeno, Mino-shi +81-575-33-1919 Food
Minokankou Hotel 333-1 Matsumori, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0080 Food/Hotel
Mino-machi-ya Mam's 1992-1 Kajiya-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-35-0073 Café
Marugo – Hand-Kneaded Soba 2275-1 Tokiwa-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-3905 Food
Minami 2320-2 Tokiwa-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-3255 Wild Vegetables/Side Dishes
Mino Yana 15-1 Maeno, Mino-shi +81-575-35-2767 Food
Mino Shokudo 2635-2 Komeya-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0248 Food
Miroku 700-1 Hokiwaki, Mino-shi +81-575-32-2535 Food
Mushika Zushi 2634-6 Komeya-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0506 Food
Yanagiya Shokudo 2559-14 Hirooka-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0526 Food
Yamada Bread 44 Izumi-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0329 Bread
Yahata-ya 2640 Tawara-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-33-0065 Food
Yume Kobo 3138-14 Yoshikawa-cho, Mino-shi +81-575-35-3708 Café
Yumoto-kan 520-2 Tachibana, Mino-shi +81-575-33-2020 Food/Japanese-style inn
Mino Ryokufuso Inn 3946 Minato-machi, Mino-shi +81-575-33-1268 Food/Japanese-style inn
Farmer's Restaurant 271-2 Matsumori, Mino-shi +81-575-35-1075 Food
Michi-no-Eki Niwaka Tea House 214 Sodai, Mino-shi +81-575-33-5022 Food/Souvenirs