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History and Culture

Blessed with the clear waters and superior materials, up to the present day

Mino washi boasts a history and a tradition of more than 1,300 years and has a fine fiber texture that is highly regarded as beautiful and robust. The skill of the artisan is evident in each wonderful sheet of painstakingly formed washi.

Mino Washi

Texture that could only created by hand, and beauty passed down by artisans

The history of Mino begins with a family register in the possession of Sosho Temple. The history of making paper is an unbroken thread spanning 1,300 years. Traditions of excellence and textures created by hand have lasted unchanged to the present day. Although the number of artisans has fallen, traditional activities will continue to protect the art of making paper as long as there is a demand for washi that “only Mino washi can satisfy.”

Painstaking and patient with an ancient art

The process of making washi involves many steps, such as processing raw materials and then pressing, drying, separating and cutting. Thanks to that process, the washi is beautiful, strong and soft. Run your hand over the paper, or press it against your cheek. Its quality will be readily apparent.

Mino-Washi Museum

Come, look, experience, and touch.
Try your hand at traditional paper making.
Experience the allure of Mino washi!

Mino-Washi “Akari” Art Gallery

The world of candlelight art display is shown...and beckons you to a mystical candle-lit space.
Lose yourself in the atmosphere created by the rows of udatsu houses at night.