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Mino-Washi Museum

First Exhibition Hall

This hall introduces the history of washi, the techniques of making paper, and the regions for washi throughout Japan.

Second Exhibition Hall

This hall introduces the birth of washi, its many forms, the depth and breadth of its qualities and its potential for the future.

Shop and Showroom

Washi, interior decorations and small objects using washi are displayed and sold.


You can actually watch demonstrations and try papermaking yourself. You can apply your own original design to the washi that you make.

Find out more about hands-on papermaking.

The Potential for Tradition and the Future, Hidden in a World of Colorful Paper

The facility introduces the history and techniques of Mino washi that have been used to make paper in the village of Mino for 1,300 years. You can experience the wonders of washi and its potential for the future from various viewpoints. In addition to a permanent display that introduces the potential of washi in the future and a display showing modern washi, and the history and techniques behind Mino washi, there is a unique project exhibition using paper as its main theme.

Address 1851-3 Warabi, Mino-shi
Tel +81-575-34-8111
Open 9:00am - 5:00pm
Closed Tuesdays, the day after a national holiday, and from December 29 to January 3
* When a national holiday falls on a Tuesday, we will be closed the following day.
Fee Adult: 500 yen
Elementary and middle school student: 250 yen
Groups (20 people or more) — Adult: 450 yen
Elementary and middle school student: 200 yen
* Triple-entry ticket good for here, Former Imai Residence, and the Mino-Washi “Akari” Art Gallery
Adult (high school student or older): 800 yen


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